GranTurismo Gaming Chair

OpenWheeler - the most comfortable Gran Turismo gaming chair

Gran Turismo is the ultimate driving simulation. This is a very well known fact among the real sim racers. The gameplay is so realistic and precise, that not many others can actually get even close to Polyphony Digital's masterpiece. The game physics are virtually on the edge of the semi-realism. There isn't much left to simulate.

GranTurismo Racing Gaming ChairGran Turismo gaming chair or gaming seat, also called driving seat simulator is the physical part of the racing simulation which together with a steering wheel unit completes the whole GT simulation package. Because no matter how brilliant the Gran Turismo really is, the real driving simulation is still not complete without the racing seat.

OpenWheeler racing seat cockpit simulator is the chair that takes you into the ultra realistic driving experience of Gran Turismo. It is the so much needed balance between this great software and people's driving skills. The seat, together with a good steering wheel will make everyoneХs racing even more realistic and live. All the stability and comfort for the perfect lap race. Fully adjustable because the seat was actually designed and made for real racing cars. The chassis was created around the seat as well. No other racing cockpit simulator offers more adjustment controls.

OpenWheeler can definitely be called GranTurismo's official racing seat simulator. It was inspired by the game and made for the game.

The OpenWheeler racing game simulator is the cheapest Gran Turismo game racing chair every racing game enthusiast can enjoy. At home. For about £270 or €330 or $400.